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Cherina Alford

Cherina Alford

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    I'm dying empty so while I'm still alive I will give you the best me.
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    Cherina Alford
    The Best Me
    Youtube: The Best Me

    I am a poet/spoken word artist. I began performing publicly in December of 2015. I also started a Facebook Poetry Closed Group named,” Pieces of Me” of the same year which I still oversee and publish my writings and poetry in. In May of 2016 I started 2 other Facebook Poetry Closed Groups named Erotic Pieces of Me and Passionate Pieces of Me.
    I have performed at several open mics throughout the cities of Shreveport/Bossier. I was the host of two local open mics. I was the host/performer of 4j’s Coffee bar Open Mic on Thursdays for the summer of 2016. I was the host/performer for Crystal Stairs open mic night on Wednesday nights for the Spring of 2017. I have wrote, directed and produced a poetry visual series in spring 2016 named, “Did, Doing and Screwed”.
    April 2016- Catchin the Vibez spoken word artist
    May 2016- Women’s Gala poet
    October 2016- Rhema International Church poetry speaker
    October 2016- Black Poetry Month spoken word artist
    September 2016- Best Me’s BBW Teaser creator/writer/performer
    January 2017- Depiction of the woman at the well monologue at Second Chance Ministries
    March 2017- Best Me’s BBW Teaser creator/writer/performer
    August 2017- Host/Performer at Rydaz Bar Farewell to Rome E. Creek
    I also have youtube videos and recorded bodies of work available for viewing


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