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    Why Design and 3D Modeling? The act of playing God perhaps, in a manner of speaking that is. The very concept of breathing life into that which did not exist moments before is what I love most about the magic of artistic creation. As a little girl, I fell in love watching my father’s drawing come to life on simple pieces of paper. He would ask me to tell him a story and he would create these whimsical story panels, literally bringing to life the visions I had in my mind. It was in those sweet moments of awe that I realized how magical the imagination can be. It provided endless gateways to whatever can be dreamed of. Nothing was impossible.

    As a kid I lived in a make believe world all my own; dreaming up stories with unique and extraordinary characters, creatures and worlds. It was this world that itched its way through my core to the tips of my fingers, and would unleash itself on pieces of paper, napkins, digital displays, sculpting clay; anything that would allow me to put my hands to work for even a small moment of time to share these secrets.

    As a teacher, I have found a wonderful and truly inspiring opportunity in helping others find their own unique creative forces and outlets. It is a gift that my father passed down the first moment he sat with me and asked me to narrate stories for him to sketch. I realized that he was simply telling me that anything I believed in was possible and within reach.
  • Resume

    Victoria Hrody


    Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Maya, 3DSMax, 123D, Pixologic ZBrush and Autodesk Mudbox
    Traditional Sculpture, Traditional Art and Design/Layout/Type, 3D Printing & Prototype Construction
    2D/3D Animation,Mental Ray, Turtle, VRay, and Keyshot, Gamemaker, Construct 2, Unity Engine, MoCap
    Mari, Headus and Roadkill, Microsoft Office - Word and Excel, HTML, CSS, Basic Java, ALICE Software

    Dedicated award winning educator with a track record of expertise in establishing rapport and building trust with students from various backgrounds - freshman through graduating seniors. Consistently receives outstanding reviews and feedback amongst courses taught.

    Professional and experienced Digital Media and Graphic Artist with advanced skills in 3D Modeling and Digital Sculpting, Texturing, Digital Lighting and Rendering, Graphic Design and Layout, Portfolio Development, 3D/2D Animation, and Traditional Media (and Foundational Arts). Experience in VFX, Game Development and Motion Graphics.

    Professional 3D Print Artist and consultant for 3D Animation, Modeling and Printing in the Chicago and local areas. Instruct corporate and team training seminars in 3D Design and Printing for Prototypes, Toys, Jewelry and other 3D Printing skills and techniques.

    Highly skilled in various aspects of the Media Art, Graphic Design and Gaming Pipeline, as well as Traditional Art and Design in Higher

    Education Implements an engaging, learner-centered environment to develop individual student skills in preparation for internships and entry-level employment.

    Experienced at managing individual course content and interactive projects across majors.

    Experience course content and curriculum designer who works within the structure of a department and inter-departmentally to meet the needs of students. Served as Interim Director when needed throughout employment at Ai Chicago.

    Integrates real-world experience in the classroom, including collaboration with industry professionals and networking opportunities.

    Author of two Instructional Titles: “3D Printing for Artists, using ZBrush and Autodesk” and “Media Arts Portfolio Development Guide”, both slated for completion this Spring, 2016.

    FULL-TIME TENURED ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, Digital Media - Louisiana State University, Shreveport, Louisiana, 2016-Current

    • Instructing courses in Graphic Design, Art Foundations, Animation and Game Art, 3D Modeling, Character Design, 3D Printing

    FULL-TIME PROFESSOR (Lead in 3D Modeling and Portfolio), Media Arts and Animation/Game Art and Design - The Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago, Illinois — 2000-Current*
    • Instructed the following courses within the MAA and GAD Departments:
    • Portfolio Production I and II
    • 3D Modeling, Hard Surface and Organic Modeling, 3D Modeling Studio
    • Materials and Lighting, Advanced Materials and Lighting
    • Portfolio Foundations
    • Motion Graphics and Animation
    • Digital Imaging – Photoshop – Digital Painting
    • Interior Worlds and Spaces
    • Survey of Design and Media Arts
    • Introduction to Animation
    • Introduction to Game Design (Game Art)

    • Assisted the Associate Director in Department Chair responsibilities, including course schedules and 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th quarter assessment.
    • Created new syllabi, updated existing syllabi, as requested by department director, and as the needs of the campus changed or were modified from corporate.
    • Created and/or collaborated in campus standard for all assignments in 3D Modeling and Texturing/Lighting Courses, as well as the spearheaded the flow and design of our Portfolio Prep and Development courses.
    • Maintained participation in campus committees; including Student Success, Technology, and Library.
    • Worked outside of courses to organize communication with industry and career services in order to build a resource network for students’ future employment and internship opportunities.
    • Collaborated in meetings to review course transferability, curriculum organization through assessment, and class
    • Created and organized an online format for classroom delivery within current on-campus course structure.
    • Instructed workshops initiating Website Development for all faculty in both majors.
    • Established and maintained position as faculty representative for 3D Modeling Club; oversaw meetings and workshops, responsible for organizing and hosting industry events and networking galas for faculty and students with local studios and artists.
    • Created and oversaw on-site Instructor Driven Workshops to expand students’ curriculum beyond major-specific software, tools, and resources. For example - Advanced ZBrush workshops, Materials and Lighting Workshops.
    • Spearheaded and organized Senior Panel Reviews for Media Arts and Animation, Game Art and Design, and incorporated industry professional demo reel critiques that became a standard across multiple majors.
    • Worked with Director to assess student placement, in particular, 3D Modeling and advanced courses.
    • Organized and facilitated on-campus presence with Chicago Chapter.
    *Currently working as an Adjunct Professor in the Media Arts and Animation and Game Art & Design Online Program since the Chicago campus’ reduction in all Full-time Senior Faculty in April 2014 due to a decline in overall enrollment; a nationwide EDMC initive in cost reduction.

    ZVERSE, South Carolina — Summer 2015 - Current
    • Create 3D Models as needed for Custom Designs, such as Bobbleheads, stadiums, and other sports memorabilia

    HARPER COLLEGE; SCHAUMBURG, IL — Spring 2015 - Summer 2016
    • 3D Printing and Modeling consultant and instructor; brought on board to help advise in the new 3D Printing and Design Program that is currently being offered this Fall 2015.
    • Instruct courses in Maya, Sculptris, Mudbox, and Sketchup.

    TRITON COLLEGE; RIVER GROVE, IL — Fall 2014- Summer 2016
    • Designed a 3D Modeling/3D Printing/Media and Animation curriculum for Spring 2016 roll-out.

    Courses instructed
    • Introduction to Graphic Design (2014 - Fall 2015)
    • Typography (2014 - Fall 2015)
    • Introduction to Illustrator (Fall 2015)
    • Advanced Illustrator and Layout (with InDesign) (Winter 2014)
    • Portfolio (Spring 2015)
    • 3D Modeling and Animation (Spring 2015)
    • Faculty Training Workshop - 3D Modeling and Printing (Summer 2015)

    ADJUNCT PROFESSOR, SNHU.ONLINE - Fall 2014 - Current
    • Currently instructing Interactive 3D Virtual Environments - utilizing ALICE, within Online Game and Visual Arts Program, 3D Modeling and Animation, Sculpting


    Graphic Design Capstone (Winter 2014), Game Texturing and Lighting (Spring 2015), Animation Foundations (Spring 2015), Design Portfolio Review (Spring 2015), Advertising Campaign Concepts (Spring 2015), Animation Capstone (Summer 2015), Web Design with Dreamweaver (Summer 2015)

    COLLEGE OF DUPAGE; GLEN ELLEN, IL – June 2014 - Summer 2016
    • Created and implemented “3D Modeling and 3D Printing” Certificate Course Program - Current
    • Designed and instructed Corporate Training Workshops for Makerbot 3D Printer and Digitizer Scanning

    Created and instructing new and existing courses as follows:
    • Adobe Photoshop Certificate Program (Photoshop I and II)
    • Illustrator and Layout Design
    • After Effects
    • Digital Painting
    • Maquette and Character Sculpture and Creation
    • Adobe CC for Film and Media Production
    • Flash Animation
    • Introduction to 3D Printing, 3D Modeling and Printing: Autodesk Maya, Mudbox and Sketchup; as well as 123D Apps.
    • Instructed the following courses and Summer Workshops for kids and young adults (Summer 2014 - 2015):
    • “Blackrocket” course – “App Attack” – App creation using GameMaker and Construct 2 Software
    • “Blackrocket” course – “2D Video Game Creation” – Creation of Platformer Game using GameMaker
    • “Blackrocket” course – “Code Breakers” – Introduction to HTML, JAVA and CSS
    • Cartooning and Animation
    • Digital Photography

    DOWNERS GROVE, IL – 2013 - Current
    • Completing Independent Animated Short “Deadly Echoes”; will be both a Cinematic and a Video Game; est. 2016
    • 3D Printing and Modeling,Illustration and Graphic/Media Services and Consultation
    • Software and technical/creative private instruction
    • Etsy and Shapeways Online Store

    • Independent Client Projects - 3D Modeling and Print Services
    • Shapeshifter – 3D Modeler/Animator/Director, 2015
    • Graphic Arts Logos/Promotional and Commercial Contractual Work, Freelance Artist, 1996 to 2015
    (Independent reference,,,,
    • Red Eye Studios - Motion Capture Actor and Cleanup Arist, 2009
    • The Life I forgot to Live - DV Layout and Design/Artwork, 2008
    • Trimbeaux – Conceptual Design/3D layout/Modeling, 2007
    • Museum of Science and Industry - Fairy Castle - Interactive Design for Website, 1999
    • BillboardFX – Clean up animation/web-based animations; Conceptual Design, 1998
    • Earth Angels, Entire store marketing identity, logo, etc., 1996
    • Ford City Auto Parts, company promotional work, 1991
    • Pizza Hut Corp., Nickelodeon, company promotional work, 1990
    • FlipSide Records, in-house design and promotional art, 1990

    2013: Digital Tutors Instructor of the Year Award – Runner-Up
    2009 - 2012: Ai Chicago Loop Campus Workshop Coordinator and Founder
    2009 - 2014: Ai Loop Campus Technology Committee Member Representative for MAA/GAD Programs
    2009 - 2013: Ai Campus Liaison for CGS Chicago
    2004 - 2014: Ai Campus Library Committee Member
    2010: Curator of the Media Arts and Animation/Game Art and Design Student Gallery Show.
    2007 - 2009: Ai FAME Media Arts and Game Art Representative.
    1999 - 2007: ACM SIGGRAPH Member
    2008 (Nov.): Faculty member of the month
    2006 - 2008: Member of (Portfolio Member)
    2007: Ai Gallery Committee Member
    2003 (Dec.): Faculty member of the month.
    2003: Purple Monkey Project – Worked with students through the process of creating and completing animated short that won award at Chicago Viewing house. Project took 10 weeks to complete.
    2003: Channel 11 – Will Clinger Wild Chicago Animation Short – directed students in the creation and
    completion of an animated short showcasing Will Clinger as an animated character
    . Project completed in 10 weeks, and aired on Channel 11 WTTW Chicago.
    2002: Kalamazoo College Animation Award Recipient (student award given to my Team Animation Class for their completion and submission to animation contest).
    2001: MEDIA EXCELLENCE AWARD – The Arc of Illinois for creating a PSA for their legislative media
    campaign. Directed and oversaw project, which aired on public and cable television.
    2000: Museum of Science and Industry - “Fairy Castle” multimedia project - All artwork, photography, layout and flash navigation.
    Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA — MFA, Animation and Visual Effects with a focus on 3D Modeling, 2012
    The Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago, IL — BFA, Media Arts and Animation, 1999
    Triton College, River Grove, IL — AAS, Advertising Art and Computer Design (Graphic Design), 1997

    Vitruvian School of Art, Chicago, IL — 2009-2014
    • Fall 2009: Sculptural Basics - Bust Study in Clay
    • Summer 2009: Sculptural Basics - Torso Study in Clay
    • Spring 2009: Anatomy of the Head and Face - Ecorche of the Head in Clay - courses related to industry pipeline flow and professional techniques as needed. - 3D Printing for Artists (Current), and Jewelry Design for 3D Printing (Current)

    *Letters of Recommendation and Reference, as well as a full list of freelance work from 1989 through 2014 are available upon request.

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