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Ricky Latt

Ricky Latt

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    The Arkansas native who now resides in Shreveport, LA is a musical genius. He raps, sings, composes, plays instruments, and the list truly does goes on. His experience with relationships and his spiritual background is the backbone of his music.
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    Shreveport resident hip-hop/neo soul artist Ricky Latt has played at the House of Blues Dallas and Houston several times within the last year. He is also a member of Tipsey The Band where his music was selected 2 consecutive years 2017 and 2018 for the Louisiana Music Prize. Ricky Latt and Tipsey The Band were the prize winners for 2018 and because of the win Ricky Latt and Tipsey The Band performed at the New Orleans Grammy Membership Anniversary in January 2019 featured with Tipsey The Band in the Jan/Feb Edition of Essence Magazine. .Ricky Latt will be singing background vocals at the Jazz Fest 2020 for International band "The Seratones."

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