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    I am a hand building potter. “Playing in mud” provides an organic earthy feeling and a tactile experience which is enjoyable. I am creating art based on a vision of the world in which I live. My pieces are narratives that have meaning to me. They are forms which are geometrical – truncated cubic in diametric axial relationships. Between the exercises of geometry I free form organic – plant like forms. Some forms are also functional.
    Vincent P DeFatta
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    I have being working with clay since spring of 2011. This exploration has been molded by experience of working with by my fellow potters. A dialogue is pursued with accomplished potters, Brenda Snider and Amanda Ebarb. Observation of techniques of other seasoned potters was and still is a focus. The forms expressed are the evolution growing out of years of paintings and sketching in the 60’s through 80’s. I have always been interested in the geometry of the human made forms and organic shapes of nature.
    My formal education is a major contributor of this time of formation at the School of Architecture and also Fine Arts at USL @ Lafayette LA, LSU @ Shreveport LA (mathematics) and School of Architecture at LA Tech, Ruston LA. The sum of which is BA in Architecture, minor in fine arts and 16 hours of Mathematics. With painting I have acquired the honors of Mid-Southern Watercolor Society honorable mention in 1974 and Shreveport Watercolor Society second place in their annual juried show in 1973 (my best knowledge of the correct dates).

    Since 2015, the role of hand building has been my primary professional focus.


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