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Zane Ehrlinspiel

Zane Ehrlinspiel

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    Born and raised in NWLA.
    Mixed media artist, primarily wood, concrete, and metal.
    Trained as a carpenter.
    I design and build custom furniture to order.
    I've been stilt walking for over 15 years.

    A professional background in residential and commercial carpentry paved the way to my love of creating beautiful, odd, or just plain weird things from raw materials. Whether it's a 12' tall tree of twisted and rusted iron, or an elegant bedroom suite built to order, I'm most in my element when I'm making something with my hands.

    My stilt walking also originates in my construction industry roots. Ceiling work led first to walking on stilts, and later to building my own. I enjoy creating and wearing costumes based around stilts.
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    15+ years carpentry experience. Various custom furniture pieces for private clients, including bed frames and headboards, tables, chests, ect.

    15+ years stilt walking. Various parties, art shows, festivals, and Mardi Gras events.
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