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Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen

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    My work explores the media that I use.  Whether it’s drawing, printmaking, iron casting, bronze casting, carving in wood, or working with plaster, welding steel, or sewing; I try to use my materials to express their own nature and the ideas of the society in which I live and work.  Irony and sharp social comment are often present in my work and I strive to communicate with a wide audience using humor as well as seriousness.  Recent trips abroad to Europe, China, and Southeast Asia have given me a new perspective on the social context in which to frame my art.  I am interested in the differences and interaction between cultures as well as in artistic media.
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    I live in Shreveport, Louisiana and I am currently a Professor in the Department of Art and Visual Culture at Centenary College of Louisiana.  I received my BA in Art and BS in Math from Centenary College of Louisiana; was a Guest Student at the Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart, Germany; and received my MFA in Sculpture and Printmaking from University of Wyoming.
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