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    I find my art as a window into the soul of ones dreams…  Not really.  I am a graphic designer/photographer that designs for the masses.  When I say masses I mean me and when I say designs i mean naps.  I have been working with graphic design since I was a wee toddler with blocks, and am a self taught photographer.  I dont presume to be any great in-depth thinker that creates works that if you could only understand would blow your mind.  I do what makes me happy and usually that entails making my clients happy.  Help me be happy.
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    A native of Shreveport, LA, Casey Jones has set his roots in the artistic community in which he was raised.  Upon earning his degree in design from Louisiana Tech in Ruston, he worked for many years on Shreveport publications producing layouts and minor photography.  However, it was no supprise to his friends when Jones left the publications and began producing photographic works, "because he always had a camera on him growing up."In 2006 Jones opened his own Shreveport studio, Casey Jones Photography, and created a space where he could experiment with different studio lighting techniques.  These techniques can be seen in his current artistic pieces involving models in a variety of settings and featuring set designs, costumes, and conceptual makeup and hair.  Coming from a print background where one is often selling a product or event, Jones finds these peices more of a challenge for he, like other artists, must create the the theme he plans to portray.

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