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Angelique Feaster Evans

Angelique Feaster Evans

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    I am an “artistic messenger” using my God-given talents to touch, move, and inspire others through powerful mediums of expression.  Although I was born completely deaf in my right ear, I've been blessed with the remarkable gift of being a great communicator and have used my “voice” as a positive catalyst for change.  My passion for the cultural and performing arts and my pulse for connecting to people, both young and old have enabled me to plant seeds of artistic possibility that are nurtured into skills that blossom into reality. As an actor, director, producer, and teaching artist, I feel that the dramatic and performing arts are a dynamic way to catch the conscience of the audience.  Therefore, I approach the creative process in such a way that brings the arts, artists, and audience to an intimate place of engagement that explores the common ground of humanity.  Through my craft, I continue to raise the bar of excellence for myself and others by discovering new ways to cultivate, create, and collaborate with individuals and organizations to dramatically impact the cultural quality of life in communities on the local, state, and national artistic landscape.
  • Resume

    Legend of Love                   Mavis                 Victor Pictures Production TELEVISION
    The Division                     Co-Starring       Lifetime Television COMMERCIALS
    reels available upon request        
    McBride & Collier Attorneys     Principal/OC       Jerry Nelson Advertising        
    Rentbusters                     Principal/OC         Eyecon Productions
    Mahogany Ensemble Theatre   Principal/VO         The Radio Group
    Micro Accounting Service     Principal/OC       Casson & Associates
    Morris Bart                     Principal/OC       Invisions Productions
    Highland Hills Hospital           Principal/VO       KMSS Fox 33
    Jenn Jenn's Asian Grocery     Principal/VO       Clear Channel Radio INDUSTRIALS
    Early Bird                     Principal             Feist Weiller Cancer Center
    National Lottery of the UK     Lady Luck-Spec   Interactive Arts Media THEATRE
    For Colored Girls…              Lady In Red         Mahogany Ensemble Theatre
    Shakin’ The Mess Outta Misery Aunt Mae           Mahogany Ensemble Theatre
    Louisiana Women:  Originals   Clementine Hunter AlterEgo Productions
    Stepping Out                     Rose                 River City Repertory Theatre
    Doubt                             Mrs. Muller           River City Repertory Theatre
    Rumors                           Cookie               Shreveport Little Theatre
    Reap What You Sow             Alexandria           Vision 3 Productions
    Ritual Murder                     Dr. Brayboy         Mahogany Ensemble Theatre   The Little Foxes                   Addie               River City Repertory Theatre atre   CROWNS                         Jeanette             Mahogany Ensemble Theatre
    Waiting to Be Invited             Ms. Delores         Mahogany Ensemble Theatre
    Tigerhood                         Doris Robinson   Sinclaire Barrett Productions    
    Indigo Blues                     Muriel Boudreaux   Grambling State University
    Having Our Say                 Bessie Delaney Shreveport Little Theatre
    Frankenstein                     Frau Mueller       Marjorie Lyons Playhouse
    The Women                     Jane                 Marjorie Lyons Playhouse
    Talk Radio                     Linda             Marjorie Lyons Playhouse TRAINING
    Pilot Season Retreat ’03, ‘04   LA Summit       Los Angeles, CA
    Audition Workshop           Will Boroski       The Actor's Place-Dallas, TX
    TV/Film Workshop           Bill Rhoten       The Actor's Place-Dallas, TX
    TV Commercials               Ken Farmer       KD Studio-Dallas, TX
    BA in Speech               Centenary College Shreveport, LA
    MEd Administration             Centenary College Shreveport, LASPECIAL SKILLS
    Improvisation/Quick Study       Plus Model/Pageantry     Singer/Public Speaker/Educator
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