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    I have been drawing and painting since I was a young child. Art represents to me one of the greatest pursuits and achievements of mankind. I have always been drawn to human faces. I believe this strong, innate attraction and the primal, archetypal nature of human faces have lead me to the love and profession of portraiture. Outside the realm of portraiture, my art consists mostly of still-lifes They are realistic, yet possess a subtle degree of surrealism. I believe these pieces reflect my love of beauty--especially that found in nature--as well as a subconscious and conscious desire for peace and simplicity.
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    (JEAN) TALBOT HOPKINS, born June 25, 1961, in Roanoke, Virginia
    Roanoke resident, 1961-1969
    Shreveport resident, 1969 to present

    BA in English , Minor in French, Centenary College, 1983

    College de Jonquière, Jonquière, Québec, CANADA, July, 1979
    Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, 1979
    Paul Valéry Université, Montpellier, FRANCE, July , 1980
    Sophie Newcomb College/ Tulane University 1980-81
    Centenary College, 1981-1983

    Numerous college-level art courses :
    Centenary College , Shreveport, LA . 1978-1983
    Sophie Newcomb College/Tulane University, New Orleans, LA., 1980-1981
    University of Texas, Austin,TX., 1978 to 1982

    Painting decorative murals and faux finishes in homes , Shreveport and Houston , 1984-1987

    Creating portraits (by commission) in:
    -graphite (pencil)
    -sanguine Conte’ crayon
    1987 to present , some 55 portraits commissioned by clients in
    Shreveport , Dallas , Houston, Louisville , New Orleans , Little Rock ,
    Charlotte , New York City , Seattle , and Washington, D.C.

    Artist producing still-lifes and abstract work in oil ,
    watercolor, and other media from childhood to present

    Producing black-and-white and color photographs
    1996 to present


    MINICINE,THREE ARTISTS, 10 Black and White Photographs, April, 2017
    ARTSPACE, CRITICAL MASS,oil paintings, 2011-2017
    SHREVEPORT REGIONAL AIRPORT , ARTPORT 2015, 'Untitled Self-Portrait', oil on canvas, 30 in. x 40 in.
    SHREVEPORT REGIONAL AIRPORT, ARTPORT 2012, 'Paired','L'Etranger', oil on canvas(diptych), 30 in. x 40 in., 2012-2015 , Shreveport, La.
    ARTSPACE, 'ARTSPACE PRESENTS', juried artist,11 oil paintings, 1 watercolor painting, 2 charcoal drawings, November 11, 2011 -January 9, 2012, Shreveport, La.
    FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Highland Cultural Arts District Inaugural Art Exhibition, November 2011, Shreveport, La.
    ARTSPACE, 'ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS', juried artist, 1 oil painting and 1watercolor painting, June 26, 2011- July 23, 2011, Shreveport, La.
    ARTSPACE, 'OH, REALLY...', 3 Woman Show, 14 oil paintings, May 20-July 30, 2011, Shreveport, La.
    ARTSPACE, 'IMPROMPTU', 1 oil painting, March -April, 2011, Shreveport, La.
    MEADOWS MUSEUM OF ART, Centenary College, 'Second Northwest LA Artists' Triennial Competition', juried artist, February 28- May 30, 2010
    ARTSPACE, 'BONA-FIDE', 2 oil paintings, October1-17, 2009, Shreveport, La.
    BARNWELL ART CENTER, “Couples: Perfectly Paired” , 5 paintings and drawings, January, 2009, Shreveport, La.
    ARTSPACE, ' DEEP ROOTS: THE ARTISTIC LEGACY OF CLYDE CONNELL ' , 14 drawings and paintings, September 19 -October 30, 2008, Shreveport, La.
    ARTSPACE, 'DIA DE LOS MUERTOS' , juried artist, showing an ‘ofrenda’ to Clyde Connell that included 6 small drawings, carvings ,and paintings , August - October, 2007 ,
    Shreveport, La.
    ARTSPACE, 'DECK THE HALLS' , juried artist, December, 2005, December 2006, December 2007, December 2008, Shreveport, La.
    ARTSPACE, 'FACES OF KATRINA', selected photographer, exhibiting @ 6 black and white photographs , August - October, 2006 , Shreveport, La.
    FAIRFIELD STUDIOS , ' Hopkins/ Reans Show' , exhibiting 16 drawings , paintings, and photographs, February , 2006, Shreveport, La.
    ARTSPACE , ‘COOLSPACE’, first inaugural opening exhibit, oil painting , May 2005 , Shreveport , La.
    BISTINEAU GALLERY, Group Show, exhibiting 10 black and white photographs, January, 2005, Shreveport, La.
    ARTSPACE , ‘PETER PAN', first inaugural Mainspace opening exhibit , shadow box featuring watercolor painting on paper ,'Pan's Leaf', September, 2004 , Shreveport, La.
    MAGALE LIBRARY, CENTENARY COLLEGE, “Hopkins/Trudeau Show”, 2004, Shreveport, La.
    COLUMBIA CAFE’, Juried Regional Photography Exhibit, 5 black and white photographs, January, 2004, Shreveport, La.
    MAGALE LIBRARY, CENTENARY COLLEGE, Group Exhibit, paintings and drawings, 1998, Shreveport, La.
    WOMEN”S DEPARTMENT CLUB, Solo Exhibition, 20 Paintings and Drawings, 1991, Shreveport, La.
    SHREVEPORT REGIONAL AIRPORT, ARTPORT Exhibits, 1989 to present, Shreveport, La.
    STONER ARTS CENTER, group exhibit , 1 oil painting on canvas , 1989 , Shreveport , La.


    MEADOWS MUSEUM OF SHREVEPORT, Board of Directors, 2014-2017-present
    MEADOWS MUSEUM: CIRQUE DE SHREVE (Fundraiser), Chair of Art Acquisitions and Art Auction, 2014
    HIGHLAND CULTURAL ARTS DISTRICT, Board of Directors, June 2011-2013, Shreveport, La.
    ARTSPACE, Artspace Exhibition Committee, August 2005- December 2009, Shreveport, La.
    ARTSPACE, Curator/ Organizer , ' Deep Roots: The Artistic Legacy of Clyde Connell ', September 19 - October 30, 2008 , Shreveport, La.
    ARTSPACE, Drawing Instructor , Life-Drawing Class , April, 2005, Shreveport, La.
    RENZI ART CENTER , Instructor/ Leader, Portrait Seminar, 2003


    BEST OF SHOW AWARD, 'CRITICAL MASS 2017', ARTSPACE, 2017, Shreveport, LA.
    JURORS' CHOICE AWARD, 'ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS', ARTSPACE, June 26-July 23, 2011, Shreveport, LA.
    ARTIST'S FELLOWSHIP AWARD, SRAC and CITY OF SHREVEPORT, Visual Arts, 2010, Shreveport, LA.
    BEST OF SHOW AWARD, 'BONA-FIDE',ARTSPACE, October 1-17, 2009, Shreveport, LA

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