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    Even as a kid, metal work interested me. Knives, and swords were in my blood, yet I wouldn’t find it out until recently, that my Grandfather used to make knives. I began banging on metal when I lived in Germany. Europe has some of the world’s finest smiths, and unfortunately they are tight lipped about blacksmithing techniques. Therefore I am a self taught blacksmith. I read everything I can get my hands on. I attend every event that may have metalworkers to share my knowledge as well as learn everything I can. I can often be found on, this chat room has smiths and metalworkers from all over the world sharing information and displaying photos of our latest creations. Last year I started teaching blacksmithing classes and I was instrumental in forming a blacksmithing group known as The Red River Smiths. This group now has between 15 and 20 members at the monthly meetings. Having been the President and resident blacksmith at Fort Maurepas in Ocean Springs Mississippi was great training to ready me for this club. I am considered a traditional blacksmith, I use coal and hand powered equipment in an attempt to retain the authentic feel of the work. As a traditional blacksmith I am often asked to reproduce or make period authentic pieces, to do this I research the work of the chosen period and location of the requested piece.  I love talk about the history of blacksmithing and attempt to show young people how things were made before the advent of modern mechanics. I do everything I can to get younger people interested in the art. One of my favorite aspects of blacksmithing is the demonstrating, especially at Renaissance, Civil War or Mountain Man Festivals where a blacksmith would have been. I enjoy re enacting as well as demonstrating, which means I can be found smithing in a kilt, medieval costumes or mountain man attire. Last year for Buckskins and Briskets, I even made a bakers tent, measuring and sewing the canvas into shape as well as cutting all of the bamboo that held the tent in place. Most people have never seen a working blacksmith, so it’s always a treat for them to see a project taken from raw material to a finished recognizable object. As much as I love having all the modern comforts in our world, I truly love stepping back in time with a hammer in my hand.
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    Curt Harville is a self taught Blacksmith. He began smithing while living in Germany in 1995. He has demonstrated for groups throughout the U.S. As co-founder of Red River Smiths he is always active promoting the art & craft of the blacksmith. He currently lives in Shreveport La. where he has his workshop. He can be found at local fairs & festivals throughout the year. 
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