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    I love to tell stories about life and living in the South.  Music is the medium, which I choose to express my stories.  I have devoted my life to composing and performing music. I have played cello with Dave Brubeck for the Shreveport Symphony and rock and roll piano for Bo Diddley.  My biggest influence is the music of New Orleans.Over the past couple of decades along with music I have enjoyed the comfort of creating art which is tangible, primarily in the mediums of acrylic, photography, clay and leather.  I am inspired by the extremely diverse and for the most part tolerant cultures in my native state of Louisiana. I am influenced by Native American, Pre-Columbian, and primitive African art.  Through my art I hope to take the viewer out of their day to day reality, if only for a moment and allow their imagination to dance. To create a leather sculpture, I use a wet leather technique.  As for my paintings, I am inspired by the techniques of the German painter, Gerhard Richter.  I spread acrylic paints on canvas using large trowels from there the paint tells me where to go next.Often there is meaning to my work, but I would prefer not to explain it.  I would rather leave the interpretation up to the viewer. The Japanese believe when a person makes something with their hands they impart part of their spirit into the object.  I also hold this belief.  I believe there is a spiritual imprint of me in everything I create.
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    Chris McCaa is one of North Louisianans eccentric artists.  He has never had a day job.  Chris has played music professionally all his life.  He writes songs and performs them for a living.  When Chris gets home late at night he works on his art to unwind.Chris McCaa is a completely self-taught artist.  He has no formal art education.  Chris’ love for art stems from his mom exposing him to music and art at an early age.  As a child, his mom always encouraged him to draw.  She always had paper, pencil, and crayons, later, charcoal and pastels.  As Chris grew older, his mother added watercolor and oil paints.  He drew and painted throughout his school years.  For the last decade, Chris has worked with photography, clay, and leather.  Mr. McCaa has shown his works in the Emerging Artist Gallery at the East Bank Gallery and 1800 Prime steakhouse.  View Detailed Statement / Bio
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