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Andra Gustin

Andra Gustin

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    I think Picasso said it best " The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away" I believe my "gift" is painting, it is how I best express myself to the rest of the world. My day feels somewhat empty if I didn't pick up a brush and create something.
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    I am a self taught artist. At first my paintings were simply for personal therapy, a way to escape everyday life.  I then started painting for family and friends and that soon expanded into frequent commissioned pieces.

    For me painting is a way to speak to others without using words. My goal is that by sharing my art, people hear what I have to say, and perhaps even understand it.I have done many art and craft shows and recently had pieces displayed at Artmosphere (Lafayette),and the Lafayette Art Association and Gallery, and Artspace (Shreveport)
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